Wedding Planning Podcast: Notes for Your Nupts

Our wedding planning podcast- Notes for your Nupts, has been released! Our team has had such a wonderful time working on this project!

What to expect from our podcast?

You can expect to learn a lot about planning your perfect wedding day! We wanted to create a wedding planning podcast couples to learn more about the process. Of course, a  podcast doesn’t replace an actually wedding planning team, but it can help you pick your perfect planner-It’s also a fabulous way to introduce yourself to our team!

Why a wedding planning podcast?

Well, it’s what we do best. Weddings by StarDust has existed as a wedding planning firm for over 20 years, so we have tons of knowledge regarding the industry. Wedding planning is a unique experience as it’s hard to know what to expect until you’re already in the thick of it. We love that we can use a new platform to educate and guide couples going through this unique and fun process.

Who will be on the podcast? 

We will feature our team on the podcast and cannot wait for you to meet everyone! We also have some exciting guests up our sleeves. From fun vendors to real brides. Notes for Your Nupts will dive into many aspects of the wedding planning experience!

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What will the podcast focus on?

If it wasn’t already made clear- wedding planning! We are so passionate about weddings and celebrations of love, and want to share some of our knowledge with the world. There will be a variety of topics covered. From navigating our “new normal” with COVID-19 to things you didn’t realize you may need for your big day!

You can find Notes for Your Nupts on every major podcast provider! Don’t forget to rate & subscribe to us for new content every other Wednesday!

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