Top Expected Wedding Trends of 2021

Out with the old and in with the new! The year 2020 brought new wedding planning challenges for everyone, but 2021 conveys a positive and different tone for planning. Spending time with loved ones and cherishing the small moments are more important than ever. Creating an intimate and personalized experience for your guests is this year’s theme. See below for new ideas, new experiences, and new designs to start off a new journey for the lovely couple.

Twinkle Lighting and Tents

Outdoor weddings are more popular than ever since dealing with the pandemic. Moving the party from indoor to outdoor is just another way of developing and mixing ideas. Make a lovely, fun space by including a huge tent. Now, change the overall aesthetic by adding twinkly lights or Edison lights throughout. Twinkly lights exude a romantic, whimsical atmosphere and will make everyone happy.

Photo: Scott Aleman

Virtual Wedding Invites

Digital invitations have grown over the years. These are great for rehearsal dinners, bridal luncheons, showers, but try to be more traditional with your wedding invitations. Your catering staff will want exact numbers to count who is coming and if there is a meal selection. Most digital applications fall short of being able to tract the details needed. As well, if the guest emails are not correct, your intended guest may never receive the invitations. Lastly, beware, many young adults do not read email – they text!

An example of a digital invitation

Covid-19 Wedding Guest Favors

If you are going to have a wedding during a pandemic, might as well have some fun and add some personal touches to it! Covid-19 wedding favors have gained a following and it is a clever way to enforce safety procedures during this tough time. You will see monogrammed masks, personalized hand sanitizers, and custom guest kits.

An example of a custom face mask

Rafael Serrano Photography

Grab N Go Bar

Living in a world of instant gratification and not having to wait in line makes this perfect for your guests. Place grab-n-go stations providing pre-made cocktails and pre-packaged drinks around your venue. This will leave everyone satisfied and keep the party alive! Be sure to make your beverages unique with a custom cocktail napkin or a special ingredient inside to add a level of excitement.

Photos, clockwise: Laning Photography, Courtney Hanson Photography, Amy Karp Photography, Courtney Hanson Photography

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