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Non-Traditional Ways to Put Your Own Flair on Your Wedding

Sometimes, brides and grooms want to shift away ever-so-slightly from the traditional layout of a wedding. They want to put their own spin on the occasion and make in memorable in their own way. That is perfectly fine by us, we are always up for a new and interesting challenge to make this day as unforgettable as possible!

Over the years, we have encountered many ways to do this. Here are some of our favorites that stood out.

Include the family dog!

Dogs make terrific ring bearers when properly trained, though there is always the risk of them being distracted by all the excitement when their time to shine finally arrives. A cake could even be designed after them!

Create a unique guestbook.

Have your guests sign something other than a book to have as a keepsake. Acrylic letters that can be displayed on your wall later are one way to expand on the tradition.

Carry something other than a traditional bouquet of flowers.

A paper bouquet can be kept and displayed forever or a bohemian style bouquet made out of pampas grass are just some of the fun alternatives as well as wreaths, feathers, or brooch bouquets.

Personalized favors that tell a story about you.

Instead of traditional gifts for your guests, give them something unique that could only come from the newlyweds. Try something that is personal to you that they may enjoy. For instance, if your first date was at the movies, the favor could be a personalized popcorn kit with references to the movie you saw.

The main idea is to make it your own. This is your day and it should feel like it. Don’t be afraid to skip the norms and try something new and different that will make your wedding extra special!

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