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Meet Your Dallas Wedding Planners

StarDust Celebrations first opened its wedding planning studio in Uptown Dallas, Texas in 1999. After 18 years of experience, we remain dedicated to creating and delivering the very best wedding services for the bride and her family. Certified Master Wedding Planner, Marsha Ballard French directs a talented team known for their organization, vendor relation skills and innovative design and planning abilities.

Each of our lead planners is certified by the American Association of Certified Wedding Planners and is an actively involved member of the organization. All are committed to continually staying ahead of the latest trends and finding inspiration from the world around them. From intimate, casual backyard events and huge, lavish ballroom affairs to elegant tented celebrations and whimsical beachside destination weddings, our exceptional planners have the experience and the creativity to bring your dream, your vision, your beautiful, imaginative wedding to life!

Our Team:

Julie Blakey
Corinne Sullivan
Laura Hendricks
Marsha Ballard French
Lynette Green
Jacy Friedberg
Sheri Lowry

Our Wonder Dogs:

We love our four legged team members as well and you may even get a chance to meet them running around our offices!

Jake & LuLu

Marsha Ballard French

Co-Owner and President, StarDust Celebrations

  • Life Before StarDust: My first job out of college was a Registered Nurse. My career led me to management rather than staying on a clinical track. I became the CEO of a large Chicago-based PPO, then when I moved to Dallas I started a physician credentialing firm including the development of commercial grade software.
  • Certifications: Certified Wedding Planner (CWP) – June Weddings, Inc and Certified Master Wedding Planner (CMWP) – American Association of Wedding Planners
  • Favorite wedding trend: I love receptions! I continue to see a focus on making the reception fun and lively within a visually unique environment! To make this happen, a great deal of time has to be spent on crafting the perfect night, while maintaining the goal of everything seeming to be effortless and spontaneous.
  • My Prediction for the Next Big Thing in Weddings: Due to expense, I think weddings will continue to become smaller affairs or more destination-type weddings. The do-it-yourself focus is still hot and will probably continue. For the more expensive weddings, I see more and more entertainment being a focus, such as silk rope acrobats, singer impersonators. I know in my practice, I rarely have just a band or just a DJ; usually the family has both and sometimes three forms of entertainment.
  • I’m Known for Saying: I’m constantly amazed by happenings around me and often blurt out “For Pete’s Sake.”
  • My Personal Motto: “Be kind to all living creatures.”
  • Most Memorable Wedding Moment: Oh my gosh lots of these!  At most every wedding, when the bride gets ready to walk down the aisle and the mother/son dance together… These moments usually bring a lump in my throat.
  • Secret for Staying Calm Under Pressure: Being a former emergency room nurse, I rarely get overwhelmed. When things are getting crazy, I become super focused on the situation and try to block out distractions.
  • Organization Tip: Keep lists of what needs to be decided. Keep notes on all decisions. Anticipate what needs to be done and be prepared!
  • When Not Planning Weddings: Movies, dancing and going to dinner with my family/friends. Most of all, I love talking politics with my husband!

Laura Hendricks

Certified Wedding Planner

  • Certifications: Certified Wedding Planner (CWP) – American Association of Certified Wedding Planners
  • Describe your style/design aesthetic: My favorite style to design is a traditional, classic, black-tie affair. While each couple’s wedding design should fit the personality of the event, I just love the glam that a ballroom wedding brings. Not all weddings are a formal affair, but a grand celebration honoring the couple and their new life together is something guests do not forget. 
  • What are your favorite current wedding trends? Personalized everything! I love personalized items not just for the couple and their monogram but for the guests as well. For the couple, I really love a personal branded design that is carried throughout the wedding. Personalized napkins, hotel welcome bags, using in the décor as much as possible.
  • What advice do you have for a bride to be who is just beginning the planning process? Find a planner who you feel comfortable working with and you trust will execute your vision. Don’t feel like you have to rush to make all the decisions about the little things at once, you will get overwhelmed. A good planner will help you make decisions and let them handle the small things so you can enjoy the overall process – it should be FUN! You are planning the biggest party of your life, after all!

Julie Blakey


  • Life Before StarDust: I was a Sales Director with Mary Kay Cosmetics, which accounted for the top 2% of the company’s sales force. I was also the youngest, at that time, to hold the position of Sales Director in the company’s 40+ year history. I grew my customer base to over 500 customers, 65 team members, earned a car and diamonds… it was a very encouraging, uplifting environment and I learned so much about business, customer care, working with people and managing a team. I always say I received my MBA in “people” during those years.
  • Certifications: Certified Master Wedding Planner (CMWP) – American Association of Wedding Planners, where I have served on the Board of Directors for 2017 and 2018.
  • Favorite wedding trend: I love how couples are not afraid to add or omit things to their wedding day that are unique to them. I also love when they have an officiant marry them that has a personal relationship with the couple—you can really tell in the ceremony stories that are shared.
  • My Prediction for the Next Big Thing in Weddings: I think couples will continue to place a higher value on their entertainment—whether that means a really great dj that can play recent radio hits or a band that infuses energy from the stage—more and more couples talk about the experience for their guests as being a top priority.
  • I’m Known for Saying: Apparently, I make a lot of clicking noises with my mouth when I talk 😂 And it has rubbed off on the girls in the office….they now do it too!
  • My Personal Motto: “The hardest part of any job is getting started!”
  • Most Memorable Wedding Moment: One that I’ve been thinking about lately has been certain Father/Daughter and Mother/Son dances… you can really tell when there is a long-standing love and friendship between parent and child and as I watch our own children grow I can’t help but think ahead to one day being at each of their weddings and having those sweet moments ourselves.
  • Secret for Staying Calm Under Pressure: To compartmentalize… just deal with what’s most urgent and right in front of you and take it one step at a time. I have always found that I do really well in chaos, so lots of things thrown at me at once don’t faze me. I’m able to see the large picture, each strategic step in connecting all the dots and then able to calmly and clearly communicate and lead what our plan of attack needs to be.
  • Organization Tip: Do “brain dumps” as often as needed! Women’s brains are usually like our computer screens… 20 tabs open at once and pop up reminders happening all the time… then you add in your smartwatch and phone/s and there’s always a million things we’re thinking about. Usually, we’re pretty good at keeping track of it all but sometimes you just need to put everything in your head down on paper and take a good look at it to make your plan.
  • When Not Planning Weddings: I love working out, reading and hanging out with the hubby of 13 years and close friends—and you can pretty much guarantee chips and queso will be involved 🙂 We also have two sweet kiddos—6 and 7 years old, so they keep us pretty busy too!

Corinne Sullivan

Lead Planner

  • Life Before StarDust: I started out in advertising, where I worked on national brands such as T-Mobile for about 6 years before leaving to pursue my dream of becoming a wedding planner.
  • Certification: Trained Wedding Planner through AACWP.
  • Favorite Wedding Trend: I am loving the palms and organic, tropical feel.
  • Personal Motto: “Not Today, Satan.”
  • Secret for Staying Calm Under Pressure: Kindness goes a long way. A smile and a prayer can conquer a lot.
  • Organization Tip: WRITE IT DOWN. I write everything down and it helps me see the big picture and the details.
  • When Not Planning Weddings: I still love hosting parties for my friends, especially if there is a theme (!). Outside of the constant “go” of events, there is nothing better than Netflix and my favorite bottle of wine with my husband and pups.

Jacy Friedberg

Lead Planner

  • Life Before StarDust: Special Events (Facilitator, Sales, and Manager) at the Dallas Arboretum for 2 years; Refined Romance planner for 22 months.
  • Favorite Wedding Trend: I love it when brides use bold colors. Whether it be jewel tones, primary colors, or a daring pop of black, when executed well, it knocks the wedding style out of the park!
  • I’m Known for Saying: Anytime a compliment is thrown my way, I say “STAHHHPPP” with 1 hand up as a stop sign, and the other motioning for you to keep going. 😉
  • Secret for Staying Calm Under Pressure: Freaking out will not make the situation any better. You think best with a calm mind.
  • Organization Tip: Make lists! I am a HUGE fan of lists. 🙂
  • When Not Planning Weddings: Hanging out with friends and family; playing board/card games; I am a big wino; LOVE the show Friends.

Sheri Lowry

Lead Planner

  • Life Before StarDust: Working at a wedding venue in McKinney for the past two years, along with starting my own planning service this last year. Prior to that I was in biological and medical equipment sales.
  • Certifications: AACWP – Trained Wedding Planner (TWP)
  • Favorite wedding trend: Food trucks for late night snacks or desserts.  I also love the longer ribbons on bridal bouquets.
  • My Prediction for the Next Big Thing in Weddings: I’m hoping petting zoos!!
  • I’m Known for Saying: “Make it work” (via Tim Gunn on Project Runway).  I also say “yerp” a lot… it is a blend of ‘yes’ and ‘yep’ and I think it’s gonna be a thing. 🙂 It can also be done with no/nope = “nerp.”
  • My Personal Motto: “Dance Like Nobody’s Watching.”
  • Most Memorable Wedding Moment: The Father/Daughter ‘First Looks’ are always so special.
  • Secret for Staying Calm Under Pressure: Knowing that even the challenging moments are always teachable opportunities. Coming from the medical industry is a reminder that we should just keep enjoying life and not sweat the small stuff too much.
  • Organization Tip: Document/review EVERYTHING and always think ahead.
  • When Not Planning Weddings: Spending time with my husband and fur-babes, Texas Longhorn Football, shoe shopping, Pilates and tennis.

Lynette Green

Administrative Assistant

  • Life Before StarDust: I worked for Deloitte & Touche LLP for 12½ years as an Executive Assistant and a Data Analyst.
  • Favorite Wedding Trend: Whataburger as a late-night snack.
  • My Prediction for the Next Big Thing in Weddings: College mascot appearances at the reception.
  • I’m Known for Saying: “It’s better to ask for forgiveness than permission.”
  • Personal Motto: Always treat everyone with the same amount of respect.
  • Most Memorable Wedding Moment: Seeing my daughter get married.
  • Secret for Staying Calm Under Pressure: Deep breaths!
  • Organization Tip: Write everything down.
  • When Not Planning Weddings: Photography, reading, and adult coloring books!