Having a Pie Bar at your Wedding

Sweet as (a) Pie bar

As Dallas-Fort Worth’s premier wedding planning team we are often asked to think outside the box. Sometimes, that means finding an alternative to the traditional wedding cake. If you couldn’t tell by the title- having a pie bar is one of favorite alternatives AND addition to the traditional wedding cake. They also are the perfect setup for an engagement party or bridal shower!

It’s such a delicious treat, true comfort food and comes in so many different varieties! Cream pies, fruit pies, custard pies…large pies, mini pies, pie pops…we think this all American little sweet is perfect for weddings! Here are several gorgeous presentations of the delectable treat that we hope will get you thinking “pie” as you start pondering your wedding desserts.

This photo features a pie bar with a variety of flavors on serving trays with different heights. The pie bar table is decorated with fun garland and a large sign that reads pie bar. Each individual pie has a sign in it to indicate flavor.

This festive pie bar is the perfect alternative to wedding cake. You’re able to choose a large variety of flavors! And how sweet is the presentation?!

Variety is the Spice of Life

Offering lots of varieties will insure you’ve got something for everyone! In our years as Dallas wedding planners we’ve learned a thing or two about the importance of variety.

This photo features a nine grid photo of different displays of mini pies. Each mini pie has a sign indication the flavor. L-R top row 1- Chocolate Cream. Cherry, Apple Pie, lemon pie, variety, pecan pie, pumpkin pie, marion pie, and cherry again.


Keep it Classy

Pro tip from our Dallas wedding planning team: Different heights to display pie add to the elegance of a table. It also allows you to add more variety to the table.
A buffet of pies displayed at various heights.


A Twist on Tradition

Presenting pies in a tiered fashion is a fun wink at traditional wedding cake. You can even use fun cake toppers like this fun couple chose to do! Choosing to have a “wedding pie” in lieu of cake allows you to still have the traditional cake cutting photos, without the cake!

4 pies stacked to resemble a traditional wedding cake.

Pie to go!

If you don’t want to dedicate a section of your reception to a pie bar- don’t fret! Another fun way to incorporate pie into your wedding day is fun pie pop favors! They are a super cute AND tasty way to thank your guests for taking part in your big day! This allows you to have your cake..and eat pie too!


If you’re planning to incorporate pie into your big day let us know! One of our Dallas wedding planners would love to help you create and execute a pie bar display for your big day!


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