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Timeless Wedding Details You Won’t Regret

Timeless Wedding Details You Won’t Regret

 In the age of Pinterest, there so many options when wedding planning,  it can become overwhelming to choose the perfect gown or the perfect centerpieces. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite timeless elements and a few trendy twists to assure a wedding album that stands the test of time!

Floral & Foliage

Lush Greenery and floral arrangements will never go out of style. Your bouquet will be in almost all your portrait shots, so you will want to keep that in mind when meeting with your florist. Consider a cascading bouquet! They say trends are cyclical, but this is one that’s never really gone away. Carrying a clutch of cascading blooms, like this lush bouquet our bride carried (by 21PARC). On July 29th, 1981 over 750 million people watched Princess Diana marry Prince Charles in a lavish ceremony. While the gown may not be on trend these days, the bouquet could not be anymore timeless.


There’s something so magical about stepping into a wedding reception and getting a glimpse at the cake. While pie stations and cupcake stands are fun, you can never go wrong with a tiered wedding cake.

Jackie O is the epitome of timeless style and grace. Naturally, she had a very elegant wedding cake with a touch of floral for her 1954 nuptials. Our bride, Bailey, wanted a traditional tiered cake, but made this wedding staple modern by changing up the shapes of the tiers and adding a monogram topper!

The Reception Gown

Changing from a classic timeless gown to a trendy fun exit attire is the perfect way to keep your look balanced! With so many stunning gowns to choose from, it’s harder to pick only one! Your ceremony photos will remain timeless, while your reception gown will exude the fashionista you are, and make it easier to get down on the dance floor! This trend has only started becoming popular in the last decade, but we have a feeling it won’t be going anywhere. Our bride Abigail is a perfect example of this genius trend!


Sparkly Send-Off

Originally, the rice-tossing tradition was a way to wish the newlyweds fertility and prosperity. (Don’t worry: That myth about rice being dangerous for birds is totally false.) After over 50 years, Elvis and Priscilla’s traditional rice send-off still stands. To make this tradition a little trendier, modern couples are opting for petals, bubbles, confetti, sparklers ( Like our couple, Meredith and Josiah)  and more, but the sentiment is the same.



Getaway Car

The getaway is the exclamation point on the end of a happy wedding day! We love seeing old classic cars used! This classic capture from Elizabeth Taylor’s 1950 wedding to Conrad “Nicky” Hilton Jr. is positively timeless! Our couple, LaVeatice and Demonta, found the perfect getaway car to leave their glamourous wedding in!


As you can see, there are so many ways to have a timeless and fun wedding! Keep these tips in mind when planning, and you’re sure to love looking back on your wedding day for many many years to come!