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Trend Alert: Dad First Look

We think this is too darn sweet and a perfect wedding day special touch for a Daddy’s Girl.

He was there when you took your first steps and said your first words. He saw you off to kindergarten and your first date, sent you off to prom and watched proudly as you walked the stage after earning your diploma. Why not do a “first look” with your deal ol’ Dad for one last sweet father-daughter memory before you leave and cleave?!

Staged much like a bride-groom first look, this special encounter often happens in the rooms where the bride gets ready at the ceremony site (usually cleared of most other people for the beautiful and intimate moment) or sometimes in a picturesque spot on the ceremony site grounds. Just make sure to have a hanky ready – for you and your Daddy!

Here are a few more absolutely precious examples:

image credits: Jason MizeRay AnthonyDixie Pixel and Julie A. Whitlock via Southern WeddingsCory Ryan via Bridal Guide and Bend the Light viaGreen Wedding Shoes