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Trends We Love: The Pre-Ceremony Beverage Station or Cocktail Hour

The Pre-Ceremony Beverage Station or Cocktail Hour

A wedding is a time of celebration and fun – and an opportunity to flex your hospitality muscles! All good hosts know it’s best to welcome guests into your home by offering them something to drink right away. We love extending this sentiment to weddings with the pre-ceremony beverage.






Think of this trend as the cocktail hour before the wedding. But, the beverages do not necessarily have to be alcoholic! The pre-ceremony cocktail hour is a fun way to have your guests mingle and get to know one another before the official festivities start.

This idea really works best when your ceremony is at a venue that’s not a church, temple or other place of worship because of time and space constraints or the facility’s policies. The pre-ceremony drink station is especially appreciated if your ceremony is outside. In the fall, a warm beverage station (think coffee, cider and hot cocoa – spiked or not) is a fantastic way to welcome your guests and help them ward off a chill while waiting for your walk down the aisle.












And, now that we’re enjoying warmer weather, something cool and refreshing would be the go-to for a pre-wedding drink!

It can be something simple, such as flavored or sparkling water to lemonade and tea (ooooohhh, Arnold Palmers!) to mimosas or maybe even a signature cocktail just for your special day. Just make sure if you decided to serve cocktails to keep the time relatively short and consider having the drinks passed so guests don’t consume too much alcohol before your ceremony.










Consult with your caterer or ceremony venue contact to explore what your options are for a pre-ceremony beverage offering. Or brainstorm with your wedding planner on other fun and creative ways you can make your day special. Oh, you don’t have one of those? Our talented Weddings by StarDust planning team would love to chat with you about how they can help you have the beautiful, imaginative wedding you’ve dreamed of! Schedule your initial consultation with one of our expert wedding planners here now!